Our team


Top-quality, cutting-edge service is not only vital for the daily running of our business but it also has a tremendous influence on whether you can relax and enjoy yourself at the "Landidyll" Hotel Birkenhof. Showing attentiveness, anticipating situations and always being ready to meet your requirements - these are the hallmarks that make our staff stand out from the crowd. The tender loving care given to our decor and an exquisite cuisine will turn your stay with us into a never-to-be-forgotten experience.

Housekeeper and Chambermaids

This incomparable holiday feeling of letting go, a sensation that you will feel as soon as you step inside your room. And the ones responsible for this are our housekeeping ladies. Our staff is just as loyal to us as are our guests. For the past thirty-two years Wilma Zuter and her team, with the utmost diligence and care, have been making sure that guests can revel here in the lap of luxury. So come on in and you can be sure that a surprise is already waiting under your pillow!


Under the auspices of Head Chef Klaus Dietrich, a well-coordinated team has developed and proven itself over the years. For more than twenty years Stephan Saurborn has been spoiling our guests with his culinary creations and for over ten years Viktor Kempel, too, has been constantly coming up with new creative ideas with which to embellish our menu.

Charolais Cattle

Naturalness and a confidence-inspiring kind of enjoyment We are particularly proud of our Charolais cattle breeding! This type of cattle – coming from the Burgundy region of the same name in France – enables us to offer you an excellent quality of meticulously inspected meat, which is on offer all through the year. It is the species-appropriate treatment, our genuine care for the animals and also the respect shown to our environment which together bring about the highest quality standard. Our cattle graze out on succulent pastures from April until the end of November and thus feed exclusively on all the diverse grasses and herbs growing there. The pleasant and mild climate prevailing in the Hunsrück is ideal for the maintaining of first-class meadowland. Mild winters and cool summer months guarantee sufficient rainfall and lush green pastures.

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