Our Hotel Lake


Just three kilometres away from our hotel lies our very own private lake tucked away in a small forest. This serene and romantic haven is not only paradise on earth for fishermen. Everyone will delight in relaxing on the lake's little jetty, swirling their feet in the cool water, refreshing the soul and enjoying Nature in its purest form. The peacefulness is only broken by fish occasionally leaping and rippling the mirrored surface of the water. This is where you want to be from May until the end of August, this is the place for pure pleasure. Whether you're staying in the hotel or not.

Witness an amazing spectacle of Nature played out in five acts:

  1. Take some time off and make your way with your partner to the "Landidyll" Hotel Birkenhof
  2. Enjoy our welcome aperitif on the terrace overlooking the garden and choose your lakeside set meal while relaxing with a drink
  3. Then enjoy being chauffeured around the lake, just the two of you and, of course, the romantic atmosphere
  4. After a delicious breakfast on the following morning, set off for home with a sparkle in your eyes, a smile on your lips and an unforgettable memory in your heart
  5. Set the date for your next break with us by making a huge cross on the calendar

We look forward to receiving your inquiry, tailor-made to suit your wishes.

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