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Walking and Hiking

Romantic River Valleys Just Waiting To Be Conquered
The untamed gorge-like scenery of the wildly romantic Baybach valley encompassing Waldeck Castle deserves to be described as "a spectacle of Nature". But it's not on its own. The topography of the valleys known as Balduin, Lützbach, Ehrbach, Deimerbach and Wohnroth is guaranteed to keep you active and on your toes, too.
The walking trails criss-crossing the Hunsrück lead you to a most unique kind of experience with Nature. There are indeed so many routes of exceptional distinction. Here you can find tour descriptions, details on a wealth of attractions and also information on the long-distance routes of Saar-Hunsrück-Steig, Soonwaldsteig, Ausoniusweg, Hunsrückhöhenweg, Sponheimer Weg and the circular Saar-Hunsrück round-trip trail.

Hunsrück Walking Trails
Since August 2009 it has been possible to join the first-class hiking trail known as, the Klingelfloss round trip of Saar-Hunsrück directly from the Birkenhof (distance of 8 km, walking time of 2.5 to 3 hours). This walk loops its way through an ever-changing forest landscape on the Hunsrück plateau encircling a hill called the "Binnenberg". 

Some tips for day and half-day trips along other circular routes, perfect for hiking, are as follows:
Baybachklamm, Burgstadt-Pfad Kastellaun, Masdascher Burgherrenweg, Domblick Simmern, Murscher Eselsche Emmelshausen, Rabenlay Emmelshausen, Klettersteig Layensteig Strimmiger Berg and many more.
And for something completely different and so special! Head out into the countryside with llamas and experience a unique day on the trail with these animals.
Lamas "Villa Autland" Autishof 12 
55444 Seibersbach, Germany

Nature Parks in the Hunsrück
Nature parks are only found where scenic beauty can prove its special worth and uniqueness. The Hunsrück is home to one of Germany's largest nature reserves and also to one of its newest. Follow the following link and read about the nature park of Soonwald-Nahe, Saar-Hunsrück and the Hunsrück Visitor Centre at the foot of the Erbeskopf mountain.


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Cycling & Mountain Biking
Discover all the cycling tracks in the Hunsrück and, far away from the maddening crowds and busy roads, make the most of the magnificent landscape with its superb views of the Hunsrück hills GPS tracks for MTB und racing bike routes

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