Discover the Idyllic Country Retreat of the "Landidyll" Hotel Birkenhof

We are a family of hoteliers who have been in the business for three generations. So in our Hunsrück hotel you will be greeted with a competent and unique brand of service, not to mention the spectacular countryside and the wonderfully therapeutic tranquillity. Escape from the hectic whirl of your daily routine and unwind in our newly refurbished and state-of-the-art sauna-fitness-relaxation sanctuary. Our restaurant in the new winter garden boasts a mosaic of gastronomic delights for you to enjoy. And in the charming, undulating hills, cloaked in dark-green forests and dotted with quaint villages, you will be able to breathe deeply and drink in pure air.

Simply release your spirit and let it fly away. Or turn your special occasions into unforgettable highlights. Experience a genuine warmth and know what the feeling is like to be a guest at the home of good friends. That is what the idyllic country retreat of the "Landidyll" Hotel Birkenhof has in store for you!

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